Point of Sale Solution

Ivy Retail Pal has been developed with the aim of making operations easier and fluid in all grocery stores, departmental stores and supermarkets. The Retail Pal has been set in a simple UI so that all the necessary features get utilized.

Responsive Design

Ivy Retail Pal is not just another POS. The fluid UI and the optimization on devices makes the Retail Pal your go to when it comes to channelizing processes. The Retail Pal works great on iPad, Mac or PC and syncs well with the cloud so you can use one platform or all as you wish.

Better UI / UX

Quick Keys

Parked Sales

Cash Management

User Switching

Refund & Returns


The Retail Pal is used to to run all customer transactions in our store. It makes sure our inventory is constantly updated, and the communication effective with our suppliers.

Ivy Retail Pal has complete reporting for the clients. The user can find every type of report he needs to check and manager their business daily operations and monthly forecast planning.

Profit Loss Statement
  • Party Ledger
  • Purchase Report
  • Vendor Ledger
  • Stock & Sale Report
  • Purchase Return Report
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Customer Ledger
  • Sale Return Report
  • Sale by Sale Person
  • Cash Book


  • The user can add products with barcode and print it on products.
  • The details of every product in store is mentioned with unit of measurement.
  • Brand of the product can also be mentioned
  • Title and tags are also included
  • The accounts is maintained separately.
  • Tabs like Assets, Capital, Liabilities, Expenses and Revenue.


Want to get a list of new issued purchase orders?

With Ivy Retail Pal we have got you covered. Now you can generate
reports of majority of the steps aligned in your operations.

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