What is Monday?

Monday.com is a phenomenal Team management tool that is web based and even has a mobile application. By the year 2019, Monday has now successfully reached an impressive amount of more than 80,000 organizations that are using this platform from around 200 with a majority of non-technical organizations.

350,000 people, from 76 countries, in 70,000 teams manage their work with monday.com

Dashboard Management
is easy

Build and customize your dashboards to gain important insights and a clear overview of your work.

Put all your
data to use

Integrate with your favorite tools and 
centralize your data in one place.

Turn your
auto-pilot on

Easily automate your workflow
so you can focus on what really matters.

Import all
your data

Simply import all your data
and pick up where you left off.

Turn your Auto Pilot on

Automation is one of the best feature of Monday.com where different tasks can be automated in best possible way.

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Use Cases

There are lot of use cases for departments within a company. It is easy to customize and set flow.

IvyLab Technologies is Monday.com Certified Partner

IvyLab Technologies is the official Pakistan Partner for monday.com, providing smart collaboration and communication solutions that our customers will be able to get their teams working in sync in one place.

Available on all Devices

Centralize communication in one place

Project Management is better when it’s visual. Plan visually on a timeline.

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