Monday.com (Workflow Management Tool)
IvyLab Technologies is the official Pakistan Partner for Monday. Monday is team management tool where different teams collaborate within organisation. Monday provides smart collaboration and communication solutions that our customers will be able to get their teams working in sync in one place.
Ivy Travel Suite
CRM system specifically designed for travel agencies includes functions that are aimed at satisfying specific needs of travel and hospitality companies. Due to additional features implemented into your CRM system it’s easy to organize information, implement international communication and automate operating procedures. While dealing with travel business representatives, IvyLab Technologies specialists identified the key functionalities for CRM solution that will simplify daily tasks, save time and money for a Travel Agency.
Ivy Retail Pal
The Ivy Retail Pal is the complete solution for your POS needs! Ivy Retail Pal has been developed with the aim of making operations easier and fluid in all grocery stores, departmental stores and supermarkets. The Retail Pal has been set in a simple UI so that all the necessary features get utilized. This Retail solution ensures speed, accuracy and control for the user. 
School Management System
The School management software is an excellent way to systematically manage schools, colleges and various educational institutions. For the smooth flow of functions of the school it is important to have school management software. Our SMS is one of the most modern, customizable and well-integrated school management software. Some of the modules are highlighted as admission, attendance, grading and family information which are managed easily through our system.
Donation Management System
Our signature products are designed for special niches, including our Donation Management System which was developed specially to cater the needs of a Non-Profit entity. Basically, this Management tool was developed with the perspective of how an NGO operates in efforts to gather donations that are important for the day to day running operations. The DMS gives a whole new perspective and builds certain SOPs that are to be followed for a smooth and efficient working. The system holds modules developed using all the latest technologies which provides smooth, efficient and well-versed user experience.