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Ivy Smart Medic
Clinic Management.

Ivy Smart Medic is a Clinic Management Software that offers specialized tools for all roles including scheduling, charting, billing and patient relationship management. The processes of our software are automated, reducing labor and improving information accuracy. 

Integrated Cloud Based Software.

With our Clinic Management Software, it is easy & convenient to write notes, prescriptions and manage patients using our fully integrated, cloud-based software. 

Ivy Smart Medic Features

Ivy Smart Medic

Schedule task overviews that shows your completed and critical items. 

Quickly enter patient data, upload documents and verify eligibility.

Our software provides Revenue Cycle Management services with analytics for an easy, simple way to get paid.

Engage patients healthcare experience online, while capturing feedback in real-time.

Engage your patients with a wide variety of self-help tools and time-saving features.

Now record blood samples data for both donors and the patients for quick operations. 

Now manage your ambulance vehicles for any emergency cases for a critical situation.

Manage beds in your clinic for quick allotment to emergency and regular patients. 

HR operations for staff such as Doctors, Nurses and clerical workers unique portals. 

Now manage HR operations for staff such as Doctors, Nurses and clerical workers unique portals.

Now manage Prescriptions set by doctors to their respective patients by keeping a complete record of medical history.

Manage your pharmaceutical equipment including medication  recorded for ease of prescriptions for every patient.  

The Clinic Pro gives you a detailed reporting mechanism for a proper birds eye view of the whole operations.

On-boarding Process

Step 1:


Step 1: Click “Request a Demo” at the end of the page.

Step 2:


Send your complete requirements for the ERP. Get customized pricing according to your requirements.

Step 3:


We upload your Institution logo with your selected color scheme and personalized layout.

Step 4:


We give you dedicated support for your erp system. You can reach us 24/7 via call / email / skype.

Why You Will Ivy Smart Medic

Stay Compliant

We ensure policies, processes and controls meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements and industry best-practices.

Go Paperless

Streamline your process with electronic charting, scheduling, billing & reporting as part of your digital office.

Appointment Reminders

You can customize your schedule, manage patient alerts, add report and send appointment reminders.

Easy E - Prescribing

Save time and eliminate phone calls for you and your staff with electronic prescribing.

Affordable Pricing Structure

Our Plans are easily adaptable, affordable, scalable, and customisable to suit your needs of management. No initial setup fee required.
We believe that Cloud-based solutions are the present and the future of modern technology.

Clinic Management Software In Pakistan
Clinic Management Software In Pakistan
Clinic Management Software In Pakistan
Clinic Management Software In Pakistan

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