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Firstly, IvyLab Technologies uses Magento Development in Pakistan to develop Magento eCommerce Web Design since it has high functionalities & more control over the flexible shopping cart system.

Secondly, IvyLab Technologies is a leading Magento Web Design Company where you can find skilled professionals. We work on frameworks such as Magento 1.9 & Magento 2.0.

Thirdly, We are a Magento Web Design Company that has a team of Magento Certified Developers with over 3+ years of experience providing Magento Web Design Services & Magento Development in London with a specialization in making eCommerce Solutions and therefore we also offer custom Magento Web Design Services.

Moreover, Our Magento Team of Developers are expert at designing unique themes that are appealing keeping in mind the latest market trends. Magento Framework helps to develop online stores that are perfectly synced with your requirements by using Magento extensions that are really powerful functionality – wise. Furthermore, migration is also flawless with minimum downtime.

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Likewise, we have all the features needed to develop a Custom Magento eCommerce Web Design that is filled with innovative features to improve the overall performance of your eCommerce Store.

Unique Dashboard

Magento Dashboard displays instant stats of advanced product rating and sales.

Deal's Management

Deal Management feature is the most time - saving solution to manage multiple deals with the most professional display across multiple devices.

Admin Dashboard

Homepage Admin Panel will serve as a quick snapshot of the store’s activity and performance. This framework allows checking sales number & view graphs of order activity.

Custom URL's

Custom URL structure will prove to be more user friendly and it enhances SEO performance.

Products Type Management

Magento Stores comes with six different product types having a complete control over the products. Manage simple configurable virtual products.

Theme Responsiveness

Building a Cross Platform Friendly website is important to make sure that every online resource is accessible from any device. Our Magento designs are mainly created right from scratch for optimization.

Custom Attributes

Customer's can upload documents, images and select them from their own gallery.

Social's Info

We provide you with the option to login in to user account with a single click. Create accounts on multiple Social Media Apps.

Customizable Design

Have a great grip over designs of your store as we deliver designs of any variation as per your requirements. You can order a design solution from scratch for excellent results.

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Few Common Queries

What is Magento

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform that provides merchants with the most flexible and controlled online store possible.

If I encountered problems using Magento What do I need to do?

If you encounter problems using Magento, the best thing to do is to contact our support Agent. We can support you on the issues by the next 24 working hours.

What are the currencies that I can integrate with Magento?

You can integrate any currency of your country or make your store compatible with multiple currencies.

Is and external extension that is not part of the Magento Core still supported by Magento?

No. However, Webnexs can assist with your external extensions to Magento.

Do you customize designs for Magento?

Yes we do the customisation of design in the third plan – Pro. However if you require designs on a limited basis , for 50 hours, you can buy our plus plan.

What license does Magento use?

Where can I host Magento?

Where can I host Magento?

Magento can be hosted by any server provider. There are a number of requirements that are required with Magento’s system.

How can I get support?

The best way to get support for your Magento site would be through a Magento expert. Webnexs has provided numerous companies with full Magento site builds.

Is my Store RTL supported?

Yes Magento store will support RTL. However you can contact our support engineer before you could get this RTL feature available for your store.

Is there any additional Monthly, yearly support costing Involved?

We donot charge anything much beyond the costing mentioned for packages. However, if you would require to design any functionalities that are additional, we would do it with a separate Scope of work document executed.

will I be get to hire a dedicated Magento Developer for Magento development?

Absolutely yes. You can hire our Dedicated program managers subject to their availability.

Can I delete an order placed by customer?

By default, this system is not available. But there are additional modules that can help to perform this operation for you. If you would require a customer to delete his order, or an admin to delete a customer order record, please contact our support agent. He will advise you on how you could proceed with this

How many orders can Magento Process?

Magento has proven to have processed 1000 Checkouts or orders/ hour. You can have 10000 live accounts per hour created in the store. But you should be having a versatile server to perform such operation.

Looking for a specific skill?

Lastly, The IvyLab Tech network includes experts across a very wide array of software development languages and technologies. In conclusion, see the list below to find developer profiles with your desired skill.